Water polo is hard!  Really hard.  I’m sure this comes as no surprise to anyone.

What surprises me is my head has not exploded.  Learning water polo is hard enough.   I’m also trying to learn a new job and belly dancing, not to mention the names of all the people I’ve been meeting!

The good thing about water polo being so f**ng hard is there’s no WAY I can expect to be good at it.  I can’t worry about being a perfectionist while trying not to drown.  When I’m attempting to both tread water in a whole new way AND throw or catch a ball at the same time — believe me, I am only trying not to sink.  If I’m sprinting across the pool, I’m not worried about my imperfect stroke.  I’m happy if I get there with any air left in my lungs.

Some say it’s character-building to try completely new things. Others would say I am enough of a character already.  I say water polo is hard.  Really hard.  But it’s fun.

(Belly dancing is a story for another day.  No recitals any time soon, so don’t ask!)