The genies never came to pack our boxes at the old house, nor to unpack them at the new one. We were living in Boxlandia for several weeks, but now the new place is really shaping up. Not enough to take interior pictures, mind you, but shaping up.

Waiting to sign the lease

Waiting to sign the lease

The new place isn’t as charming as the old place, but all the appliances work and the house is unlikely to crash down in an earthquake. We can run the microwave and the toaster at the same time! Plus, now when I’m washing dishes, I look out at a cute patio instead of at a wall.

new view

Someday, we’re going to hike that.

From home to downtown takes 10 minutes on bike (the return trip takes me 15; it’s uphill & both my bike and my body are heavy) or 30 minutes on foot. Either way, I cruise past lovely Victorians. Best of all, the downtown is humming with activity and restaurants (even one that stays open until 2 am!).

Even better, our first in-town adventure led me to baby goats! My head did not explode as Derek feared it might from the volume of unbearable cuteness, but I couldn’t stop smiling. I not only tasted yummy cheese, I held a baby goat. And I told the woman leading the tour, “You’d better just get another goat, because I’m not letting this one go.” I held it until it was time to go. Mama Goat was none too pleased.

Camera couldn't focus on goat because my smile was too bright

Camera couldn’t focus on goat because my smile was too bright.

The only kids we're gonna have

Cyn says: “The only kids we’re gonna have.”

Never say, "No, I'm not going to hold a goat." Because this is what happens.

Never say, “No, I’m not going to hold a goat.” Because this is what happens.

My drive to the gym takes me past sheep and goats, and if I go even a few miles to the north or south on the freeway, or west on country roads, I see cows. It makes me happy to drive by cows. I’m simple like that.

We don’t have trees or chickens or a pool of our own just yet, but the rolling wine country hills are pretty awesome, and I know a month is kind of early for such declarations…but I think I love Petaluma.