boxesWe’re moving! I’m so excited that Husband and I are finally going to be living together. That’s the great part. The bad part is that moving actually requires a lot of work. Even though I’ve been in a one bedroom apartment for 8 years now, I’ve managed to amass a fair amount of stuff. Most of the boxes in that picture are full of books. That stuff’s relatively easy to pack, so it went first. Progressing to the stuff that requires care and wrapping slows things down considerably, and no matter how hard I wish for it, they just won’t pack themselves.

Instead of packing right now, as I should be (move is tomorrow), I’m writing this. All week, I’ve  been lovingly looking at design blogs, salivating at  images of beautiful, well-decorated homes. Then I realize that we’re going to be living for a while like students. We have no couch (ours were both old and not worth hauling), few chairs, and a crapton of books. Our living room is going to become a library, and our first guests will have to fight over our two comfy chairs. The rest will have to make do with folding chairs.

It’s thrilling to think about building a home together, and a little overwhelming at the same time. I get particularly procrastinator-paralyzed at the thought of the all boxes which must be packed TODAY. Guess I should stop this madness, and get back to it.

Stay tuned for pics of the new place. Once again, I’m resolving to post more.