Actually, the most damage these ghosts will do is to give you a serious sugar rush.  Oh, and if you start them too late, as we did, they’ll keep you up until indecent hours.

I know, some are more ghostly than others, but all were fun to make.   I’m no Heidi Swanson, but I do occasionally have fun in the kitchen.   Trying to take decent pictures of the phantasms gave me renewed respect for photographers in general, but food photographers in particular.  Those mouthwatering photos are way beyond the simple point-and-click.  Not to mention that you have to have a clean kitchen with lots of space to get the best angle, especially if you want an action shot of your partner in crime.  Maybe next time!

I’m already thinking of how to tweak the design of the meringues to make them into Christmas trees.  It’s the gift that just keeps giving.

Oven of Doooom