On January 1, I resolved to “climb out of the basement,” to get out of the plus-size department and into normal clothes.  Now that we’re halfway through the year, it’s a time for a status-check.

Well, I am mostly out of the basement, but now I’m in clothing limbo.  That is, most of the stuff in the big-girls departments doesn’t fit me anymore.  Yay, right?  Not exactly, because the “regular clothes” don’t fit me, either.  I’m smack between sizes.  Pants either hang off or cut off my circulation.  I’m down to only two pairs of work pants, and a couple of skirts/dresses.  I feel stranded on this plateau.

The good news: I’m smaller than I was, and I actually weigh what my license says!  I’ve had several compliments lately.

Now, for the remainder of the year, I’ve got to stop focusing on the numbers on the scale, and focus on the goals: feeling better, being healthier, and living more vigorously.  In fact, those are good goals for the remainder of my life.