We closed escrow on Friday. We are now the proud owners of a whole bunch of weeds!

over there

Apples, over there! (After we whack down weeds.)

I’ve always loved the idea of having a little house with a backyard where I could read and soak up sun – preferably in a hammock. I never imagined building a house around open space, apple trees, and a pond. Who the hell has a pond? It’s a little hard to wrap my brain around the whole thing, even now that there’s no backing out.

Sadly, not permanent residents. (Photo by D)

Sadly, not permanent residents. (Photo by D)

But now that it’s “official,” I’m getting excited about finding an architect, designing a house, negotiating permits, planning a garden, researching animals. Even with pre-fab construction, it will likely be 18 months before we have a party there. In the meantime, I’ll try to be better about posting updates.