Really, more like why-the-hell? I know what this stuff is; the question is why do I save it?

Case in point: traveler’s patches. I unearthed them recently when refinishing an old piece of furniture. I bought them as a wandering exchange student. I remember seeing backpacks covered with patches, thinking how cool those people must have been. I wanted a future of never-ending travels, of patch-covered backpacks.

Truth is, I never sewed them onto any backpack. That summer I didn’t own one,  and I’ve long-since graduated to a wheelie suitcase. They never decorated any form of luggage, but I’ve saved them for decades, moving them from apartment to apartment. They’re small and shoved in a box, and every time I see them I think, “Maybe someday I’ll do something with them.”

That someday is today, and that something is to hurl them into the donation pile. I thought I’d take a picture to commemorate them. As I took photos, I realized a couple of things: (1) though I lived in Spain for a year, I never got a patch of Spain; and (2) the photo felt like so much braggadocio. “Look at me! Look at all the places I’ve been! I must be cool!” I think that’s why they never made it onto any of my luggage.

This photo instead: patches indistinguishable, since they’re soon to be gone. Passport in focus, with plenty of blank pages to represent adventures yet to come.


It’s Monday morning. If that weren’t bad enough, the skies are so gray I fear the sun has abandoned us. But I know it hasn’t, know that today calls only for some non-caloric blues-busters.

Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Calvin & Hobbes. Impossible to read more than a few pages without laughing out loud.
  • Happy, some may say cheezy, music. Don’t judge me because I can’t resist singing along with Sammy Davis Jr. whenever I hear “The Candy Man.” (It may be on my iPod in case of emergency.)
  • Dancing to said music. Yes, I dance around my house, and I’m that crazy woman rockin’ out in my car while I wait at stop lights. The dancing and music loving are inherited/learned traits. My parents bust out into song all the time, and there were many impromptu dances in our kitchen.
  • Baby animals. Just thinking about floods me with endorphins. Looking at a baby echidna, how can you be sad? Seriously, this site makes me squeal with joy. I save it for when I really need a boost. It has never failed me. Derek also knows to email me articles about animals if I’m cranky. (Recent winner here.)
  • Though not always possible, get-togethers are the best. Better still if they include age-defying silliness such as sock-skating hardwood floors or building pyramids.

pyramidtandem surfing

Wow. Just writing this made the sun come out – both literally and figuratively. Time for a celebratory dance break!