It’s Monday morning. If that weren’t bad enough, the skies are so gray I fear the sun has abandoned us. But I know it hasn’t, know that today calls only for some non-caloric blues-busters.

Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Calvin & Hobbes. Impossible to read more than a few pages without laughing out loud.
  • Happy, some may say cheezy, music. Don’t judge me because I can’t resist singing along with Sammy Davis Jr. whenever I hear “The Candy Man.” (It may be on my iPod in case of emergency.)
  • Dancing to said music. Yes, I dance around my house, and I’m that crazy woman rockin’ out in my car while I wait at stop lights. The dancing and music loving are inherited/learned traits. My parents bust out into song all the time, and there were many impromptu dances in our kitchen.
  • Baby animals. Just thinking about floods me with endorphins. Looking at a baby echidna, how can you be sad? Seriously, this site makes me squeal with joy. I save it for when I really need a boost. It has never failed me. Derek also knows to email me articles about animals if I’m cranky. (Recent winner here.)
  • Though not always possible, get-togethers are the best. Better still if they include age-defying silliness such as sock-skating hardwood floors or building pyramids.

pyramidtandem surfing

Wow. Just writing this made the sun come out – both literally and figuratively. Time for a celebratory dance break!

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