I’ve been dreaming of going back to school, but there’s an awful lot of expense and stress involved in being a graduate student – not to mention the fact that I’ve been there, done that.

What fuels my dream of school is not some grand plan for my life, or some mad passion for a subject matter, but really a love of learning.I want to take a smattering of different subjects – to feed my desire for knowledge, and then move on when I have had enough.In graduate school, you’re required to hone in on one subject, digging deeper and deeper, and nothing right now calls me to study with that kind of intensity and singularity of focus.I want to learn it all!

The Master’s Degree I need is an MDS – Master’s in Dilettante Studies.(Yes, I made that up.)Some of the classes will be academic, others artistic.Here’s my initial study wish list: mosaic, drawing, economics, photography, creative writing, jazz appreciation and history, dolphins, art history, calligraphy, glass blowing.

I could place out of the following MDS requirements, because I’ve already taken them: wire jewelry making, stained glass, photography 101, Art in the Prado Museum, Italian 1, Mediterranean Cooking.

The Phys-Ed component of my study plan is all about fun.I took an awkward stab at belly dancing, and am still working on water polo.An intensive swimming workshop or some one-on-one coaching is on the horizon, and possibly another dance class.

Really, what I need is another free night per week and a community college catalog!