The other morning, after a meeting with a great volunteer, I left all happy and content with the world and my lot in it.  As I went to put stuff into my messy car trunk, I noticed something was wrong.  It took me a second to realize someone had scraped off my registration sticker.  Grrr!  No longer loving humanity, I thought, “People suck!”  The worst part is there is NO way the person could have used the sticker.  It came off in chunks. Chunks!  I have since decided it was just some punkass.  That doesn’t change the situation, but I like screaming “Stupid punkasses suck” more than “People suck.” It’s much more specific.  I don’t want to disparage everyone, just the sucky ones.

And how much do I suck?  I have a picture of said destroyed registration sticker, but I cannot figure out how to get my ancient digital camera to communicate with my new laptop.  Stay tuned for that.

UPDATE:  I figured it out! Check out the damage.  Derek said I should have cropped myself out of the photo, but I think it’s a weird & fun little distorted self portrait.

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