I am trying to come up with a theme for a regularly-scheduled blog post.My friend Kristy does “Six Word Sundays,” and I like that, but my camera’s acting hinky these days.Derek suggested “Derek’s Dumb Ideas,” where he sends me six words or less, and I write an index-card sized story on that.His first submission, “Calculus textbook discarded on the sidewalk.”I may yet do that.Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, I was thinking Wednesday would be a good day for a WTF, or wacky blurb, or general wackiness.It started with me asking myself “What the f—k did I just do?”

To answer: I just registered for the 17th Annual Sharkfest.(I picked this particular Alcatraz swim event solely because I like the title.Talk about bragging rights!)I’m now scheduled to jump off a ferry by Alcatraz and swim to shore.On August 15, 2009, if all goes according to plan, I will plunge into the cold waters of the bay, and swim to Aquatic Park without flippers, fins, or a motor.And I paid for the privilege.

C’mon, do it with me. http://www.athleteslounge.com/events/event.php?eventid=2551

If your answer to that is “I don’t even like swimming in my own bathtub,” I invite you to come cheer me on. Granted I won’t hear you while I swim a mile away, but I will love seeing you as I emerge from the water quite possibly cranky and most definitely cold.

Does this mean that I’m now a swimming stud? that water polo’s a breeze? that I’m a skinny fish?Not so much!But maybe this will help.Here’s to hoping.

(P.S. – You may not root for the sharks!)


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