I’ve lived in and around San Francisco forever, so I’ve seen my fair share of wackiness.  But yesterday’s was amazing: a  woman carrying a sign.  On one said, it said “Goodbye violent regime of Bush”  and on the flip side, it said “Hello violent regime of Obama.”

So far, unremarkable political protest or anarchistic statement.  What was noteworthy?  She was wearing a skirt, with polka dot tights, big boots…and a big woolly wolf mask.  She was dancing on the corner, and in front of any car that stopped for the light at the corner of Duboce & Mission.  It inspired my passenger to say “She dances to her own drummer,” but really she had headphones on.

The lesson learned?  Always carry a camera! I was so bummed that I had just taken mine out of my purse. I wouldn’t even have to write anything, simply post the photo with the caption “San Francisco.”

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