Since I’m still/once again aiming to get out of the basement, I decided I need some number-specific goals. Here we go, in order:

  • Weigh less than a male Olympic water polo player
  • Ride in a hot air balloon without paying the fatty surcharge
  • Weigh less than my husband (tricky because as I start losing, so will he, making this a moving finish line)
  • Lose an Olivia’s worth of weight (Yes, my slim goddaughter is growing, making this another moving target, but truth is I could stand to lose an Olivia-plus-brother.)
  • Weigh less than my nephew (He’s growing, so as I lose and he gains, we may meet somewhere in the middle, hopefully an ideal middle for both of us!)

Like how I announced my number-specific goals without any numbers? I’m tricky (or maybe just neurotic).

What’s your goal?

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