Usually, if you combine two things you’re ambivalent about, you’re left feeling lukewarm at best.

How is it, then, when you combine medicine with technology, I’m fascinated? I had an MRI today, and walked away with the CD of images. With most of them, for all I can decipher, I may  as well be looking at photos taken by Curiosity of the surface of Mars. But others are amazingly clear. Check it out…

WTF is wrong? I have no idea. But it sure looks cool!

WTF is wrong? No idea. But it sure looks cool!

It takes scores of exceptionally smart people working together to figure out how to use magnets to get a picture of the inside of your body — a picture that you can then study on your computer screen. It makes my brain hurt a little to think about it. But not as much as it hurt when I learned that my neighbor helped invent a camera that can go into your heart to take pictures.  Whoa.

(Meanwhile, running’s on hold. Maybe forever.)

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