Clearing out old paperwork, I found a file entitled “Ideas.” Filled with parts of poems, pieces of essays, a screenplay tidbit, even drafts of personal ads (for me and for friends), it’s mostly dreck and drivel from younger days, but I can’t quite throw it away.

And, for laughs, here is something I wrote more than half my life ago while working my first job out of college. With apologies to Roberta Flack…

I heard it was a good job
I heard it had a plan
And so I came to work here
And advance when I can.
And here here it is this new job,
A strange new place to be
Killing me softly with this work
Killing me softly with this job

I feel all flushed with fever
Embarrassed by my plight
How can I tell co-workers
I cry each, every night
I pray the work will finish
But computers drone right on
Killing me softly with this work
Killing me softly is this job
Ruining a young life.

PS – There was another poem I wrote about that workplace. I think it was called “The Cesspool.” English major post-college angst at its finest!

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